This is the Employee Portal, the internal communication channel allowing to unite in a uniform ecosystem, motivational system, corporate Wikipedia, system of adaptation and training of employees. Supports the application both a web, and mobile interfaces that allows to work from any device – whether it be the laptop, the tablet or the mobile phone.
The decision will be suitable for the companies of any size.
Has all the materials needed for work and training. Elements of staff rating games motivate them to do their job more efficiently.
Manages users and publishes content to all employees and specific groups. It also prepares reports based on tests, interviews and training results that clearly show the current level of staff.
Technical support
How it works
Is always available to the user. Specialist will advise you on using the mobile solution and will respond to incoming requests in a timely manner.
Managers give employees immediate feedback and reward for a well-executed task and clearly see the process of staff development.
Work in offline mode.
It takes no more than 5 minutes to complete a training courses, tests or surveys.
Оffline mode
Speed of work
A direct switch to a chat room and a corporate chat room.
Popular platform
Works on all devices that support iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.
Ability to create an interface with a corporate brand and with individual interface.
Enterprise video hosting that contains all the material recommended for viewing.
Corporate video
My team
My team section has all the information about employees - mail, phone, instant messaging links.
Quick start
Only 3 business days to develop and customize your mobile app and company design deployment.
All in One
The price of annual user license is 55 Euros. Customization to your business requirements

55€/per year
Software updates
Monthly updates with new features and enhancements.
User support. Administrator training and support. Support by internet, email, phone.
Demo version
Sales and Business Development:
Tallinn (Estonia)
Moscow (Russia)

Astrakhan (Russia)

Over 70 employees
Many in our team started their careers at the entry level and are therefore aware of all the subtleties of the processes.
Terms and conditions
The text of the present User Agreement, permanently located on the Internet under the following address: contains all essential terms of Agreement. It is an offer of Bacca Eesti OÜ (registrikood 14438639) to conclude an Agreement with a person wanting to use the Program on the Website and/or via Mobile app Bacca TeamBook under conditions specified in the Agreement.
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The text of the present User Agreement is a public offer in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

The below listed actions committed by a person, is to be considered the proper acceptance of this offer:

1. Familiarization with the terms of thes User Agreement and all Annexes.

2. 2. Entering the necessary registration information, including contact details (e-mail address and mobile phone number), name and surname in the registration form when signing in to the Mobile app Bacca TeamBook.

3. The affixing of symbol in the special field under the line "I accept the terms of this User Agreement" in registration form.

4. E-mail address confirmation by clicking a link sent to the specified registration e-mail address, or entering the password, sent to the mobile number specified during registration.

5. Since transition by link, sent to the specified e-mail address during registration, the Webpage registration is considered completed, the terms of the present User Agreement accepted and compulsory for the registered person.

NOTE: If you disagree with the terms of the User Agreement, please do not register in the Mobile app Bacca Team Book or on the Website and do not use its services.


Tallinn, Estonia


1.1. The administrator, prior to registration in the Program, provides User the information on Mobile app, Interactive courses, Open courses, access to free classes of Interactive courses, reviews and articles published on the website open sections under url:

1.2. After User's registration and license activation, in addition to the specified in paragraph 4.1 of the Agreement, the User is granted access to Open Courses, to program parts of free Interactive lessons of Interactive Courses, possibility for payment and access purchase to all Interactive courses as well access to various features of the Site and Mobile application.

1.3. Upon registration completion, the User is granted access to the Program through the website and/or mobile app with his credentials (username and password).

1.4. The User specifies password upon registration in the Program. The User can change password at any time after registration in the Personal Account.

1.5. The User is obliged to ensure safety and security of the password against third parties. In case of loss or misappropriation of the access to Personal Account by third parties, the User shall immediately notify Administrator about such fact by email address

Prior to receipt of such notification, all actions performed under User's Personal Account are considered to be done by User himself.


Upon registration completed and license activated, the User gets access to his Personal Account.

Information on available Interactive courses, statistics on User's learning progress is displayed in the Personal Account. The User can send messages to Administrators' representatives via his Personal Account.

2.1. The User has access to Open courses and other video materials represented on the Website, as well as the opportunity to evaluate these materials.

2.2. To access certain Online courses, Interactive briefs and Open courses, the User may need to comply technical requirements of the Administrator, announced on the Website.

2.3. The Administrator may at any time in its sole discretion against Interactive courses and Interactive briefs, including Open courses and other videos-materials, change the theme of some sessions, change the content of sessions, quantity, name, type of materials and their duration. The Administrator ensures that such changes will not lead to deterioration in the quality of Interactive courses, Interactive briefs, Open courses and other video-materials.

2.4. The User is obliged to use Website, Mobile app and Personal Account faithfully, not violating the legislation of the Russian Federation, rights and freedoms of third parties, morality and ethics.


3.1. The User has access to information about the Interactive Course, its description, its topics and duration of sessions, duration of the course itself, teachers of Interactive course, the number of free lessons within the course (if applicable), the quantity and name of the materials (text, graphics) in the course.

3.2. Access to Interactive courses is granted under condition of its payment in the manner and terms stipulated in the Agreement.

3.3. Interactive courses include video lectures and software tools in the form of a test to check User's understanding of information provided in the video lecture. The testing is performed automatically by software means of the Website and Mobile app. A positive result of testing is user's selection of correct answer among the proposals.

3.4. In case of positive results of all tests of Interactive course, the User is granted a Certificate of completion of an Interactive course, containing the name of Interactive course and User's name and surname in accordance with data from his Personal Account.

3.5. Upon completion of Interactive course, the User may evaluate it and leave a comment by sending email to the address

3.6. The Administrator services are considered rendered properly and accepted, if within 3 (three) working days from the date of termination of access to Online courses, the authorized person did not submit motivated objections to the quality and volume of these services by sending the relevant written claim to the address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Rottermanni 2


4.1. Access to Open courses and video-materials is granted to the Users.

4.2. Some Open courses include video lectures and software means in the form of a test to check User's understanding of information provided in video lecture.

The testing is performed automatically by software means of the Website and Mobile apps. A positive result of testing is User's selection of correct answer among the proposals.


5.1. The site contains results of intellectual property, owned by Administrator, its affiliates and other related parties, sponsors, partners, representatives, all other persons acting on behalf of Administrator, or other third parties.

5.2. By using the Website, the User acknowledges and agrees that all content and content structure of the Website are protected by copyright, trademark and other rights to results of intellectual activity; that these rights are valid and protected in all forms, on all media and in respect of all technologies currently available, and developed or created in the future. No rights for any content of the Website, including, amongst others, audiovisual works, text and graphic materials, computer programs, trademarks are not transferred to the User because of use of the Website and Agreement conclusion.

5.3. Without detriment to the universal nature of the above provisions, the User acknowledges that the Website contains intellectual property, protected rights and other third party content, and that such rights belong to their respective owners, including the Administrator. The user is forbidden to copy, modify, change, delete, supplement, publish and transmit contained on the Website objects of the exclusive and moral rights, to create derivative works, manufacture or sell products based on them, to play, display, or otherwise exploit or use such rights without direct permission of their owners.

5.4. For the avoidance of doubt, the User is forbidden to:

5.4.1. to copy and/or distribute any information (including parts and components of lessons, Interactive courses, Open courses and video-materials, articles) provided on the Website, aside from cases where such function is expressly provided on the Website;

5.4.2. to use information obtained through the Site for commercial activities, profit making or for use contrary to law, with the exception of skills acquired on the basis of the findings in accordance with the Agreement information;

5.4.3. to copy, or otherwise use the software part of the Website and its design;

5.4.4. to post personal data of third parties on the Website, without their consent, including home addresses, telephone numbers, passport details, email address;

5.4.5. to post commercial advertising, commercial offers, promotional information and any other obsessive information, except when placing such information is agreed upon with the Administrator;

5.4.6. to change whatever way the software part of the Website, to take actions aimed at changing the functioning and efficiency of the Website;

5.4.7. to insult and otherwise violate the rights and freedoms of other users of the Website, third parties, and groups of persons;

5.4.8. to use foul language, to implement or disseminate information containing appeals to mass riots, extremist activities, participation in mass (public) events held with violation of established procedure, to disseminate information necessary for obtaining the results of intellectual activity.

5.5. When citing materials of the Site, if expressly permitted by the features of the Site, the User agrees to provide a link to the Website


6.1. The User gives his consent to Administrator to process his personal data provided during registration in the Personal account cabinet after registration, namely:

6.1.1. first name, last name;

6.1.2. image;

6.1.3. date of birth;

6.1.4. country, city;

6.1.5. position (occupation), name of the organization;

6.1.6. e-mail address;

6.1.7. contact phone number;

6.1.8. personal website;

6.1.9. accounts in instant messaging programs and social networks.

6.2. The processing of personal data means recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, usage, transfer (distribution, granting, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data not falling under special categories, which according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation requires the written consent of the User.

Processing of personal data is carried out to implement Administrator's obligations under Agreement, provide feedback to User when using the Site, Open courses, Interactive courses, and to send informational messages to e-mail address, specified by User during registration.

6.3. Processing of User's personal data is performed by Administrator using databases located at the territory of the Russian Federation.

6.4. The User can withdraw his consent for personal data' processing at any time, by sending an appropriate notice to Administrator at the address specified in paragraph 1 of the Agreement via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The User agrees that Administrator is entitled for User's personal data processing in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.5. The website is not a publicly available source of personal data. Herewith, the User provides his consent that his personal data can become accessible by undefined persons in case of User's certain actions.

6.6. The User agrees to receive informational mails from the Administrator or from other persons on behalf of Administrator, at email address and telephone number specified by the User during registration on the Website.

A consent to receive informational mails may be revoked by the User at any time by submitting to the Administrator an appropriate notice at the address specified in paragraph 1 of the Agreement via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. After receipt of such notice, the Administrator terminates informational messaging to User's e-mail address specified during registration.

6.7. The User gives the Administrator his consent to use his image as the User's photo (avatar) on a grant basis. The User commits to refrain from using images of third parties as the User's photo (avatar) on the Website.


7.1. In case of violation of Agreement terms, legislation, norms of morality, or technical requirements, the Administrator is entitled to block or delete User's Personal Account, to prohibit or restrict access under certain User's credentials to certain or all functions of the Website, Interactive courses, Open courses.

7.2. In cases of granting a User access to Personal account to third parties revealed, нerewith, the Administrator is entitled to block the User's access to Personal Account and Interactive courses, including those pre-paid by User.

7.3.Violation of the Agreement terms resulted in adverse consequences for Administrator (detriment, administrative and other liability, notifications from law authorities and other bodies of Executive power, claims of third parties), is the basis for Administrator to suspend or cancel User's access to Interactive course, herewith the funds paid for access to Interactive course are non-refundable.

7.4. Administrator is not responsible for Website performance and does not guarantee its smooth operation. The Administrator also does not guarantee the safety of information posted on the Website and possibility of uninterrupted access to Interactive courses and other materials.

7.5. The User uses the Website in the form in which it is presented, at his own risk.

The Administrator does not guarantee User's achievement of any goals resulted from use of the Site.


8.1. The website may contain links to other Internet sites (third party websites). These third parties and their content are not checked by the Administrator for compliance with certain requirements (authenticity, completeness, legality, etc.). The Administrator is not responsible for any content, materials posted on third party sites to which User has access, including, opinions or statements expressed on third party websites, advertising, etc., and also for the availability of such websites or content and consequences of their use by the User.

8.2. The Administrator does not guarantee that the Website will meet User's requirements; that access to the Site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

8.3. Software and hardware errors, both on Administrator's and the User's side, which led to impossibility of obtaining access to the Site and/or Interactive courses, constitute the ground for exemption from liability for non-performance of obligations by the Administrator.


9.1. All disputes, controversies or claims that may arise in connection with the execution, termination or invalidation of the Agreement, the Parties shall endeavor to resolve by negotiation. The Party, having any claims and/or disputes shall send the other Party a message indicating its claims and/or disputes.

9.2. In case response is not received by the requesting Party within 30 (thirty) working days from the date of sending a message, or if the Parties cannot come to an agreement on arisen claims and/or disputes, the dispute shall be settled in the Court at the location of the Administrator.


10.1. The Administrator has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the Agreement, herewith such changes come into force after 3 (three) calendar days since publication of the new version of the Agreement.

10.2. At each subsequent visit of the Website before using his Personal Account, the User agrees to check the new version of the Agreement. The continued use of the Site and Personal Account will constitute User's consent to the terms of the new version of the Agreement.

10.3. If the User disagrees with the new version of the Agreement, he ceases to use the Program.


11.1. The present Agreement and all legal relations arising from it are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia. All disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

11.2. The Court recognition of certain provisions of the Agreement invalid or enforceable does not entail invalidation of other provisions of the Agreement.

11.3. The User confirms that he is familiar with all provisions of this Agreement, understands and accepts them.
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